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Welcome All

Hello All, a very warm welcome to my site! I'm Amber Celestial Angel, a Certified Angel Intuitive Practitioner, Medium/Messenger, Prophetic Visionary, Birth/Death Doula and Soul Coach. I work with Great Spirit, Holy Creator God and The Angels in all of my practices.

I invite you to step into the beautiful, magical world of manifesting and healing through Personal Guidance from the Divine, our Heavenly Guides. They want you to live your best, most beautiful life! So join me in receiving this Divine Love and Guidance!


My Mission


I'm here to serve by helping you get on your path to becoming your Highest and Best Self, by living from the Soul, Your True Essence. Fulfill your life path and your Soul purpose by recognizing what trauma's you have endured, and in turn learning how to heal them. You are not broken! You just need the tools and gu​idance to find and address deep rooted issues that may be holding you back. With help and guidance from the Divine Realm, we can find what lies under the surface. Then with Divine Assistance you can start the healing process. The Angels and your Guides want to help you, and I want to help you see the signs when they are trying to communicate. I want you to Ask, and know that God, Great Spirit, The Angels, Guides, Ancestors, and Divine are listening, and they are always here for you!




Message from The Divine Angelic Collective: "We want you to have Heaven on Earth and be Free from that which holds you back! Live your best Life on Earth and raise your vibration to sustain all the beauty that is brought to you! You are worth so much, and you shall be restored within." 


"I am still basking in the energy of my session. There was INSTANT resonance and connection the moment the session began. So many spot on confirmations. An angelic reading that is life affirming and empowering. I am so happy to be connected to Amber Celestial Angel!"


"A fabulous thing I have felt is that I just had to think the questions and not to say and the answers were right on point with deeper meaning.

The direct message at the end of the session was perfectly replied as a summary. A powerful experience"


"I had a reading recently with Amber, and it was really wonderful! I would definitely recommend it to anyone else. There were several stages of the reading. All of which were very insightful, informative and intriguing. The part I found most interesting was towards the end when she does her own free writing. I wasn't sure what to expect, nor was I familiar with Amber's abilities, but I was very suprised at the outcome! Firstly, it was a beautiful, inspiring message, but secondly, there were things she wrote, that only I would know, and that I had certainly not told her. So it was genuinely inspiring. It had me both perplexed and amused. The universe is a beautiful thing, and Amber has obviously been blessed with many gifts and talents. Thank you so much sister Amber! I greatly appreciated it"


"I had the pleasure of a session with Amber. I was scared leading up to this. But quickly put at ease when we met. The message from my Mom and the guidance of the Angels have me working within myself. Thank you Amber"


"I have to say that this awesome, gifted woman helped me save my husband from just wandering when he died. His guilt was too much and I WORRIED about that. Yet on this day she said she’d love to read me. Everything in perfect timing. Such a wise,gentle yet such innocent and love coming from Amber. Thank you honey...."



This website, "Amber Celestial Angel" is not for dispensing medical advice and is not meant to be a substitute for professional or medical care. The information presented on this site, and any affilitations to it, offers valuable insights and information on alternative health, holistic modalities, healing modalities and is for educational and alternative purposes only. “Amber Celestial Angel” does not give medical advice. Visitors and clients are strongly encouraged to do research and discuss any medical issues accordingly. Any product, service, or modality appearing on this website is to be used at the descretion of the individual.

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