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Hi All, I'm Amber Celestial Angel

About Me:

I am now traveling around, doing this Soul work RVing! I decided to exit the matrix system, and live life by the call from The Divine, God, Great Spirit, Creator. I have listened to that call and have been on this journey for a while now, following the guidance from Spirit. 

I believe God is Love. He/She/It is in all things, including you and I. As Yeshua spoke "God is Love" and " The Kingdom of Heaven is within you". There have been many great Teachers/Ascended Masters who have come to teach the ways of LIVING, BEING, ONENESS, and LOVE. This is also my job here, to Teach, Guide, Show the Way, Deliver Messages, and show you the way back Home, to your Soul Essence 💖

I have a beautiful family who I love dearly. I am so fortunate to have these souls here with me at this time! I have 3 beautiful/wild boys, and an albino bunny. I wouldn't be where I am today without the support and Love I receive, and give from My Earthly and Star Family.

I have had the gift to communicate with the "other side" since I was young. I endured much abuse as a child, and as a response I learned to "turn off" this gift. I started "awakening" in 2013, but the journey had just begun. When I was pregnant with my 2nd son in 2016, I began receiving messages. I became an "antennae" and couldn't "turn it off" any longer. This is when my Automatic Writing skills began. I received messages from Saints, Archangels, and Ascended Masters (Yeshua, Mother Mary, Shiva/Krishna, Buddha, etc.). I didn't tell many about this gift.

It wasn't until I had a Near Death Experience in 2018, many things were revealed. I was guided and instructed on how to heal myself, as my brain was bleeding and organs swelling (99% death rate for my condition). I was also shown the Angelic Realm, God's Light of Love! So beautiful and bright, so full of Love! You can't imagine the wonderous Joy and Love that is felt within this place (Heaven)! I was sent back to share messages and guidance with you all.  To help you find Balance and Harmony  within your BEing. To bring Heaven to Earth within and help you remember the True path of Love and Beauty, and walk this path of Love and Truth (Light)!

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