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Now Traveling and doing more In Person Sessions! Inquire to see when I'll be in your area!

All services start with a clearing, to balance all aspects of YOU. Once balanced, you are open and ready to receive all of your messages from the highest Divine Love

Angelic Readings/Healings

In person or through video, we channel the Divine Angelic Realm to give you messages straight from this beautiful energy source. They give personal guidance and insight into any situation. They know what you are going through and want to help! You receive all that the mini reading gives, plus Healing and this is more personal and You also receive your PERSONAL ANGEL MESSAGE THROUGH AUTOMATIC WRITING! We can also connect with any passed loved ones upon request.

Animal Communication

In person or through video, we connect with the Animal Spirit Realm to gain insight into your Animal Totem and reveal what they mean to you. You receive all that the mini reading gives, but we go much more in depth. I use the Animal Tarot deck to find answers to any questions you may have, and see what messages they bring. We also find out if any Animal Guides have been trying to reach out to you and what they may be trying to tell you!

Animal Healing

In Person or through video, you hold your pet as we send Angelic Crystal Healing and Reiki. Emerse yourself and your pet in the Love and Healing energy, and connect and share a bond like never before! We will also use my animal ally and assistant Little Angel Michaelangelo, an Albino Bunny from the 5D Realm, to help amplify this powerful energy and connection.

Mini Angelic Readings/Healings

You receive a personal recorded mini Angelic Reading, up to 3 cards and includes Angelic Crystal Healing. This include's a FREE ANGELIC CHAKRA HEALING MEDITATION/PRAYER.

Mini Animal Communication 

You receive a personal recorded mini Animal Communication reading. Giving you insight into Guides/Animal Guides that may be trying to connect with you. This include's a FREE ANIMAL COMMUNICATION MEDITATION/PRAYER.

House Clearing/Blessing

My partner and I come prepared with the Divine Realm as they guide us through your home and we assess what's going on. We clear out all energies not serving your sanctuary, because that's how your home should feel, like a sanctuary! We end with Protection and Blessing to keep your sanctaury feeling full of Love and Light!

(This service price is dependent upon location, Please Contact)

Daily Meditations/Prayer

All Meditations/Prayers are emmersed in the Divine Realm to give you the highest, most in-depth, soul touching, joyous experience! Using Angelic Crystal Healing to feel the full effects.




Twin Flame/Soul


Animal Spirit Guide

Chakra Clear

Life Purpose

 (Email for these items!) 


This is a mentorship program for those who wish to advance your gifts, or find out what to do with them. We work personally on what you bring to the world, and where you should focus that energy. We also have group classes that teach about the Angels, Guides and all the Beings (galactic, star, ghost, etc.)

This Mentorship is Limited to a select number of people, and has a minimum commitment of 2 months.

Certification is optional.

 The certification given is Certified Awakened Angel and Peacekeeper.

Also included is weekly healing and a personal gift each month you are enrolled.

Heart Of Mother's Purpose

This is a program that is designed for Mothers to dedicate time to themselves wholistically. Be the full time Mother, but be her to the best of your ability by being YOU! With the guidance of the Divine Realm, specifically with the Divine Mothers, you can enhance your natural abilities, all while maintaining Motherhood. We need more mother's in this community, but it can be tough to find your purpose, and even make time for yourself. That's where this program comes in! Join me in finding that balance, and feel complete, heart and soul! 

What others are saying

" Amber gave me a wonderful session. She holds such an Angelic energy and I totally resonated with what came through. I really recommend working with her to connect with your true Soul and mission.You will gain clarity and feel more connected to Spirit and the higher realms of Creation that are asking to fully be anchored in our World. Amber can help connect a person in a divine,powerful and mystical way! "

~Laura Eisenhower

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